Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oh, Young Love...

Ummm, I'm not quite sure what to say about the wedding I'm going to show you today. All over the internet, you can find elegant, beautiful, inspiring weddings. This is not one of them. I figured other blogs have the market cornered on those. Let's spice things up a little.

Meet 16-year-old Missy Quinn and her husband, 17 year old Thomas Moghon, both from the UK. Click here to read an article about them from Closer.

Her dress weighed 336 pounds!!!! This completely blows my mind. I assume it's due to the glacier attached to her rear end. Missy accessorized her dress with a £500 crystal bouquet, sparkling choker, tiara, belly-button jewel, hair clips and garter, plus fake tan, false eyelashes and body glitter. Whew, I'm a little impressed.

Oh, but it gets better my friends. Meet her bridesmaids:

This gives me all sorts of ideas... *evil smile*

Want to meet some guests?

Yes those are fur coats, Chris Hansen would be alllll over this.

Maybe you're wondering how these kids came to have this particular sense of style? Meet the parents:

I might have to copy that little boy's suit for Matt.

Want another example of why people should not get married at such a young age? Here is a quote from Missy, “Thomas might expect me to cook and clean, but I’m not going to. He can look after me as far as I’m concerned!”

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