Monday, October 20, 2008

Slap Some Candles Down and Call it a Day

First off, sorry for not posting in the past week. I'm a financial advisor, and the market has decided it wants to turn all my hair gray before I hit 30.

Anywho, lets talk centerpieces again. My thoughts on this have run the gamut from, "I'll do all these gorgeous, extravagant decorations by myself, how hard can it be?" to "Forget this nonsense, I'll just hire someone", which led to "You want HOW much?!?", which has now led me to "People sell sacks of flowers right? What if I just dump a sack of stuff on the table, slap some candles down, and call it a day".

It turns out that this last idea of mine can actually turn out looking quite pretty:

Super easy and it actually has a beach vibe too. Here is a night shot:

The only change I think I'll make is to have light blue petals instead of white.

Unsurprisingly, I got this idea (and photos) from the lovely Mrs. Lemon over at Weddingbee. The photos were inspiration for her own centerpieces:

She used plumeria blooms instead of petals, which I imagine must have smelled amazing. Does anyone know of light blue flowers that smell fantastic?


Tamisha said...

They aren't fragrant, but they are readily available in the south in August and they come in lots of colors of blue...try hydrangeas. They come in some lovely pale colors and we could snip some into single blossoms on some tables and bunch others on different tables.

Tamisha said...

OR you could do it with beach glass and sea shells

Briana said...

Hmm... sea glass is a good idea, I'd never thought of that before. Hydrangea is a great idea too. Maybe I could pile sea glass in the vase with the candle and have hydrangea blooms surrounding it.

Uncle Brian said...

Well, if you want blue, real beach glass in blue is considered the most rare of all the glasses.

Of course, you could use fake beach glass like here.

Although maybe these would be safer. I've seen these at Michael's stores for reasonable prices.


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