Monday, October 13, 2008

Hey Crafty Lady

The crafting bug has not just bitten me, it's clamped down with steely jaws and I'm afraid there is no escape. In one of my more and more frequent periods of wedding insanity I decided to make our wedding invitations. Yup, by myself. By hand.

Thankfully there is a lovely site called Weddingbee. More to the point, an awe inspiring blogger named Mrs. Lemon (all their bloggers are named after foods). Mrs. Lemon is a crafting goddess. Seriously, I'm convinced she has crafted her way to deity status. She has also convinced me I need an embosser. That's one of these babies:

She got hers from Wilshire Graphic Press. You can submit your personal monogram (easy to do, just see my previous post) and they will turn it into an embossing plate. Here is Mrs. Lemon's:

Here is the result:

The embossers are $49.95 each, which includes both the embosser itself and the plate that you design. The custom embossing plate is only $10 more ($59.95 total). Additional plates (I'm thinking our return address) are an additional $29.95.


Tamisha said...

Hey, I have two embossers, if you want to just order the plates, I'll be glad to loan you mine!! Tamisha

kimberly_michelle said...

eik! Mrs. Penguin sent me this lovely link today, and I'm still grinning from the compliments. You're far too kind... FAR too kind! :)
And just to let you know... my embosser is still getting lots of miles! Every envelope that leaves the house gets the seal!

Briana said...

eeeee! I'm not sure how my lil old blog came up on the bee radar but I feel semi-famous now! (Yes, I realize and accept that I'm a huge nerd)

Thanks so much for the comment, you really do rock my socks!

(Tamisha, it should go without saying, but you've always rocked)


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