Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Dress (Options)

I've been asked by more than a few people if I have gotten my wedding dress yet. The answer is no. Procrastination is a beautiful thing people!

But of course I have been looking into what styles I like. I refuse to spend a ton of money on a wedding dress (if you've gotten married recently you can stop laughing now). There are actually lots of options available.

I'll start with the ubiquitous David's Bridal. I won't lie, I went there with my Mom a while back and it creeped me out. It was crammed with cranky brides and their crankier families. Girls in wedding gowns stood on carpet covered platforms that marched in rows down a hallway that reminded me of a back storage room in a warehouse. It must be what Wedding Barbie feels like at the Mattel factory.

But whatever, a dress is a dress right? Here are some I liked:

Very pretty. I think it's one of those dresses you have to try on to see how you really feel about it. It's style ST9505 - no name, they're sentimental like that.

This dress appeals to me much more. I'm into the Grecian, flowy look since I'll be outside all day. I'm really digging the back. Style is SRL9499.

Moving along now, lets look at Alfred Angelo. There were a lot of his dresses I thought I liked, but getting ready to post them here I realized that they didn't do anything for me. Only one dress really did it for me:

This dress makes me swoon (do people still do that?) I might have issues with the neckline, but we'll see. This is style 755.

Now lets play the alternate universe game where if money was no object, what dress would I wear? The answer is almost anything from Manuel Mota Pronovias.

If I could design the perfect dress for me, this would be it. This is called Salem, and it gives me the angels singing and heavens opening moment. It's also around $3000.

This dress is called Selene.

This is the Silueta.

And finally, this is Sadur. *Sigh* Now I need to find a rag to wipe the drool off my keyboard...


Kyla said...

Tremendous designs of wedding gowns!! Great selection!!

Katybeth said...

Your blog is lovely-- had to check it out upon arrival of the lovely save the date magnet. I recommend checking our Blush Gowns in Newport News-- it's a consignment wedding gown boutique owned by a really nice lady named Holly. That's where I got my dress. Good luck shopping!



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