Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Inn Is In

Well, we just returned from our first visit to the First Colony Inn. It had a quaint, homey, colonial style and the staff were all very pleasant. The inn was built in 1932, and there are a lot of fun nods to that all over the property. There is a common library on the second floor with the guest book and ledger from the 1930s that Matt and I got a kick out of reading.

I have to mention how windy it was there. The winds were a pretty steady 25 mph and the ocean surf looked like a cappuccino. So of course Matt and I decided to throw on our suits and go play in the water. On Saturday we went down to the beach where I was attacked by a shark and Matt got a new pair of shoes.

Ok, so I thought I was attacked by a shark but it turned out to be this:

It's funny now, but that sucker could have taken someone out so we decided to admire the ocean from a distance; which is how Matt got a new pair of shoes. We were just standing on the beach trying not to get blown away while I nursed my shin, and this washed up on shore:

Now normally we're anti-croc (admit it- they're ugly) so we were going to just fish it out and throw it away, but not more than 30 seconds later the other shoe washed up on the shore. With a full set in hand, Matt tried them on and they were a perfect fit.

Yes, he kept them. Yes, this concerns me a bit. But as long as he doesn't start coming home with those random socks you always see on the side of the road, I think we'll be ok... I'll keep you posted.

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~Freedom Fest~ said...

So, will we be seeing Mr. Barker in his red crocs in front of the classroom?? Inquiring minds want to know.

Nice blog! -T


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