Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Wedding Spot

Here's some of the nitty-gritty regarding the inn where we will be getting married, rooms, and amenities.

The first and second floors have decking around the entire perimeter, so there is a possibility of someone walking around outside your room.

However, Matt and I stayed in room 17 when we visited and we didn't hear a peep, so noise shouldn't be a problem. The third floor has no decking and is therefore more private. Rooms 26 and 19 have their own private balconies. Matt and I call dibs on room 27, but all else is generally up for grabs.

Please do NOT call the inn to book rooms yet. We'll post when it's ok to do so (we still have to sign a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo).

Please click here to go to First Colony Inn's website. They have photos of all the rooms, lists of amenities, and things to do in the area.

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