Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Ben Franklin Incident

In case you haven’t heard the story yet, the authors of this blog—your favorite soon-to-be-married couple—almost met a tragic demise in Ben Franklin last Sunday. While I’ve done a lot of stupid, dangerous, and potentially life-threatening things over the years, I never thought that an arts and crafts store would be the scene of my near-death.

As we were perusing the wall of ribbon at Ben Franklin, there was a tremendous crash from the front of the store—about 20 feet to our right. At first I thought some shelves had collapsed, but then I heard the sound of a car horn croaking for life. It was then that I realized what had happened: someone had driven their car into the front of the building. Needless to say, Briana and I ran out to investigate and/or help. When we got out of the store, we saw this:

Well, when we first came out, there was someone helping the elderly driver out of the car, so imagine them in the picture, and then you can properly visualize what we first saw. The driver was disoriented but otherwise okay. Driving through that wall was no easy feat. There is a curb and sidewalk in front of the store and the parking lot attached to store is pretty small. She must have jammed down the accelerator to get enough momentum. Briana and I are lucky that the parking lot wasn’t any bigger; otherwise, she might have gone further into the store and smashed us.

The picture to the left is the scene from inside the store. Notice the employee who was experiencing the most exciting day of any Ben Franklin employee in the history of the store. Briana and I were standing just to the left of this picture against the far wall, which was directly in the car's path.

So, that’s the story. We almost died buying ribbon for our wedding invitations, thus proving that we should have just paid for the pre-made invites. Oh, and speaking of which, check back tomorrow for the full story on the DIY invitations.

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