Monday, April 20, 2009

'Bout Time

The Sea Pig is back! You know it! It’s getting to be about crunch time in terms of wedding planning, so I’m starting to get motivated. Since I often rely on procrastination as a means of getting my work done, it’s only fitting that I would wait until the last minute for this as well. Plus I’m running out of things to do since my student teacher is essentially doing my job right now; all I have to do is come to school. My students aren’t happy about the arrangement, but I am.

After attempting to determine all the stuff we’ll need to rent for the reception, I quickly learned why couples hire wedding planners. I much preferred when planning for a party consisted of deciding which keg to buy and where to put Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson” on the playlist. In addition to those two crucial aforementioned elements, I now have to think about things like what size tables we’ll need and whether we have to provide our own trashcans. Apparently hanging trash bags off the poles of the tent is unacceptable—even if the trash bags are white. I mean, come on, they’ll match the tent! Maybe if I decorate them with flowers…

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